About Us

Believing that lasting success is built on the fundamentals of strong and distinctive specifications we presented during our presence in the largest Gulf markets as a result of the models of experience of work dedication and development to offer our customers what distinguishes us from others in the field of aluminum manufacturing.
Al Aziziyah Projects Factory Company has been keen since its foundation to be up to date Keeping pace with every development takes place either in the field of aluminum or in the field of metal manufacturing Architectural Aluminum Systems,
And Since we have our factory in the field of aluminum manufacturing to be updated with the boom Urbanization in the Saudi and Gulf market, supporting the production and withdrawal of aluminum sectors Especially our factory for aluminum architectural systems of windows (hinge and sliding) doors and facades fixed and curtain wall and structural glazing , which was allocated to conduct I laboratory tests, On these sectors and the extent of their alloys conform to these standards and quality standards Saudi Arabia and global resistance to the penetration of water, dust and sound And of which the body of standards and The Saudi Standards and the German Industrial Standards Organization have proved their efficiency and quality in laboratory and operational tests and parallel with the management policy to develop and provide all the needs of our customers from metal work In the framework of the management’s quest for progress,
And company is keen to support our factories with Skilled labor That are trained on the latest manufacturing methods and also administrative and technical personnel High efficiency even be one of the pillars that help to get up and start in a world building and construction