How you can guarantee our quality

How you can guarantee our quality
* Materials used since we established our factory in the field of manufacturing aluminum keep up with the architecture boom happening in the Saudi and Gulf market ,supporting that production and withdrawal of special aluminum sections of our factory for aluminum architectural systems that have been devoted to conduct laboratory tests on these sectors and the conformity of the alloy to these Saudi standards and international quality standards to resist water, dust and sound penetration.

These include the Saudi Arabia Standards and Metrology Organization and the German Industrial Standards Organization, which has proved its efficiency and quality in laboratory and operational tests.

* Modern technology in the framework of the administration’s quest for progress work :
The company is keen to support our factories with modern equipment and machinery and skilled labor who are trained on the latest manufacturing methods in our field

* Our human cadres :
We have a group of cadres of engineers, experts and skilled labor in the field of architectural aluminum systems with high efficiency, which is one of the pillars that help us to rise and start in the world of construction

Our Services .. Technical Support :
The factory has a large group of experts and engineers working in this field who are able to provide consultancy, technical services warranty and maintenance services, we confirm our commitment to provide after-installation warranty maintenance services through specialized teams to our valued customers